Ideal deal rhythm reason

Ideal deal rhythm I do

Rhythm Holbein Djilas

Reason elbow jealous

Jail angle Bouemedjel

Lausanne l'os en gelée

Lozenge Los Angeles

Juice Joyce Djemila Macmillan

Almanac alpaca

Rolls Royce Damascus mask alas

Moleskin Alaska

Dallas Callas à la Scala

Delicious Dedalus tongs ton-Sils Maria

Diet diary diarrhoea

Dulles, Dulles, and Dolly daily shoes

Neither nose tongues nor noise eyes use

Bamboozle zula benzoline

Ooze hullabaloo benzoin

Crambo bowling limbo Boing

Wing wing swine swine swan swan wink wink

Quick quick queen queen king king aching

Become bacon garlic darling

Cold neck bodkin Old Nick napkin

Ring zigzag Zadkin wrong

Wrinkle zeal zincoblock

Veal devil evil hock

Damp cavil dimple paper clock

Punch click pauper cloack paunch

Pond pompous poun pounce bounce

Pen green eat pomegranate

Germany many germinate

Forget me not far gate minute

Does he mean it? Mimoun in tow

Memento moon Ho-Chi-Mintho

Teetotum toddy teat

Today Tito tomtit

Tar nectar neck tatoo

Mosquito Moscow teeth

My scottish mistletoe

Mice missal listen toe

Licentousness lesson chesnut

Battles bottles Beattles but butt

Virtue cross Chou-en-Lai

Chum lighten christianlike

Chit check at Tchang Kai Chek

Hotch catch match potch glue cake

Ankle Uncle Anqu'til

En tant qu'tel antelope

Dump dung Dunlop until

School skeleton scallop

Skull cap skulk scalp skin skill

Will will will will will will

Slop slow slogan sling slang

When win whip whom whoop whitling clan

Ten potentate too potato

Meet tomato mathematics

Mattocks Matthew Appomatox

Aurochs hoax Oxford inox' axe

Narcotic market X attacks

Attic Morocco to-morrow

Marconigram Polo negro

Sorrow ful niggard fool Zorro

Torpid torpedo pigment pig

Weed week wee fid we big ear wig

Feable maid asphodel meadow

Fiddle fifteen Fidel Castro

Fid farewell Faro's farrow

Farm enters cereal

Serial Formentor

Les Fruits d'Or fomenter

Bitter syrup Sarraute Butor

Better billow butter bullock

Tiger rime tag rag time buttock

Reischstag bellow below bannock

Ban banco banana

Callaghan yankee cicada

Love you value lewd uvula

Yatagan yucca zenana

Mab cab picalili

Mob cob Piccadilly

Cad caddy Cadillac

Nag namby-pamby hack

Hobby Mao mahogany

Moholy Nagy holly oak

Holy hooligan screetch

Hob nob hobgoblin scratch

Kick jaw stinck jingo jingle joke

Mango limb mandoline lingo

Mandril rind mandarin rim bow

Bawl B.C/B.B.C

Freeze abyss bees buzy

Friday Freud frights friends Du-frenzy

Sit-down zany citizen Zen

Sunday sin yet soon Sun Yat-Sen

Simulate late sea-mew whim whim

Sink song sinew see new sick skim

Spleen spaniel spinach Nietzsche

Speack spanish nature niche

Raft coffin in coffee tea cough

Skips gipsy tipsy tipstaff tough

Giraffe sham shampoo scraph rough

Craft corncake bomb book boot broom boon

Harpoon corkscrew blue blood bloom proof

Nincompoop spoon croft crux roof oof

Minstrel's nostils Thames Thames Thames TIMES!

From Astronauts of Inner Space: An International Collection of Avant-Garde Activity, Jeff Berner, general editor (San Francisco: Stolen Paper Review Editions, 1966).