ABOUT 1760 - ABOUT 1822

Father: Benjamin STRICKLER
Mother: Mary BEIDER

Family 1 : Margaret CRABIL

  1.  Joseph STRICKLER, m1 FETZER - 6 ch.; m2 FETZER - 1 ch.
  2.  David STRICKLER, m. Margaret GREENAMYER - 3 ch.
  3.  Noah STRICKLER, m. Tryphena GARWOOD - 2 ch.
  4.  John STRICKLER, b. 1812; d. 1878; m. Mary E. BALTHIS - 5 ch.
  6.  Katherine STRICKLER, b. 1820; d. 1899; m. Dr. Abram SAMPSELL - 5 ch.
  7.  Maria STRICKLER, m. Dr. Wm. GREENAMYER - 3 ch.
  8.  Barbara STRICKLER, m. David BUSHONG - 7 ch.
  9.  Sarah STRICKLER, m. Jacob SECHRIST - 4 ch.


                       _Abraham STRICKLER _|
                      |                    |__
 _Benjamin STRICKLER _|
|                     |                     __
|                     |_Mary Anna RUFFNER _|
|                                          |__
|--Daniel STRICKLER 
|                                           __
|                      ____________________|
|                     |                    |__
|_Mary BEIDER ________|
                      |                     __


From Forerunners: A History or Genealogy of the Strickler Families Their Kith and Kin, by Harry M. Strickler (Harrisonburg, Virginia: 1925), p. 284:

The above dhildren are not given in the order of their births as I understand that Noah was the youngest child...

Marriage records of Shenandoah Co. -- Daniel Strickler m. Margaret Crabil Sep. 12, 1805. Tradition in the Ohio family says that Daniel M. Rebecca Crabil. Daniel's wife's name may have been Margaret Rebecca.

Daniel Strickler lived at and operated the mill opposite upper Egypt in Page Co., long known as the Mauck mill but now owned by Philip M. Kauffman and his son H. M. Kauffman. Mr. P. M. Kauffman told me that Daniel built the brick house at this mill about 1820. It seems to me he showed me the date on the house. He also showed me where Daniel was buried in a graveyard, well kept, a short distance down the river from the mill and overlooking the Shenandoah. He also told me that after Daniel's death the widow and family went to Mahoning County, Ohio, settling near or at Columbiana. Mr. Kauffman says that he understood that Daniel was a very powerful man physically. He related some of the stories of his feats of strength, such as carrying great quanties of wheat about the mill. According to court records he died in 1822.




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