Whitehead LAWRENCE

18 Sep 1772 - 22 Jan 1850

Family 1 : Mary SMITH, b. 28 Feb 1779; d. 15 Mar 1853.

  1.  Whitehead LAWRENCE
  2.  Charles LAWRENCE
  3.  Oliver LAWRENCE
  4.  Daniel LAWRENCE
  5. +Rebecca LAWRENCE
  6.  Maria LAWRENCE
  7.  Hannah LAWRENCE
  8.  Sarah LAWRENCE
  9.  Susannah LAWRENCE
  10.  Elizabeth LAWRENCE
  11.  Catharine LAWRENCE
  12.  Jane LAWRENCE

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According to John Fox, a Lawrence Family researcher, this family had 13 children in all. From a 24 Dec 2003 email:

I descend from a Whitehead Lawrence (ca 1779-1853) of Long Island, NY. He is supposed to have had a daughter named Rebecca which is how I came across your d/b. In fact, he had 13 children according to a book on the Lawrence family written in the mid-1850's. Of these 13 children I only knew about the families of his sons, Whitehead Jr. and Daniel, and a daughter Jane. From the book this Lawrence family had three brothers who were among the original 50 patentees for Hempstead, NY, under a grant from the Dutch governor Kieft in 1644. I believe the Fowler surname may be every bit as ancient on Long Island.


The title of the book which John attributes this information is Historical genealogy of the Lawrence family, from their first landing in this country, A. D. 1635, to the present date, July 4th, 1858, by Thomas Lawrence (Printed By Edward O. Jenkins: New York, 1858).


From a 26 Dec 2003 email:

Since my first e-mail I found a little more to add. I talked to my Mom and was asking her some questions and the next thing I know I found a website that has Rebecca's parents buried in the Episcopal & Dutch Reformed churchyards, Manhasset, NY. The story says that these were originally two separate cemeteries partitioned by a fence but the fence has long disappeared and the records do not distinguish which cemetery the occupants are dedicated to. Anyway here is the correct info:

Lawrence, Mary, relict of Whitehead Lawrence, died March 15, 1853. Age 74 years and 15 days

Lawrence, Whitehead Lawrence, died Jan. 22, 1850 Age 77 years 4 months and 4 days

This places them right where I expected to find them. I could not find Stephen Fowler's birthplace, Lakeville, on Mapquest but I think it is a location about 3 miles south of Manhasset. In the 1850 census Mary (age 72) is in the house of her daughter Jane Arthur who was living in Oyster Bay Twp of Queens Co. (now Nassau Co.). Jane and her husband Elbert Arthur are also buried in this cemetery as are several Fowlers. It is now a family mystery as to why Stephen [Fowler] and Rebecca moved to the east end of Long Island before turning west and heading across country to the other coast. I did look at the 1830 and 1840 census info for Stephen Fowler and it appears he is in the New York area at that time but I wasn't that thorough on my investigation.

Just for the record I descend from Rebecca and Jane's brother Daniel Lawrence (1824-1895). He bought a house and about 100 acres near what is now Rt 25A in Brookville, NY in Nassau Co. The property is now the C. W. Post College. Daniel appears as the owner of this property in Walling Map of 1859 . The area was called Greenvale. Daniel was a dairy farmer and sold his milk in New York City for 2 cents/qt. Abt 1854 he married Martha Ann Tappan in the Dutch Reformed Church at Wolver Hollow, Brookville, L. I. The other brother, Whitehead, Jr. (b. 1806) left L. I. and was living in Painted Post, Steuben Co., NY in 1850.



From a 11 Jan 2004 email:

I looked up Whitehead lawrence in the census and it shows that in 1800 he and Mary had just gotten married ((no children). I could not find him listed for 1810 but by 1820 he shows as

1820 census Queens Co., NY (no specific location given)

Lawrence, Whitehead 110001-42210 Occupations: 2 engaged in agriculture

1st digit - number in household age under 10 yrs.

2nd digit - number in household age 10 & under 16 yrs.

3rd digit (males only) - number in household between age 16 & under 18 yrs.

4th digit - number in household age 16 & under 26 yrs.

5th digit - number in household age 26 & under 45 yrs. 6th digit - number in household age 45 & upwards.

For the children that is potentially 8 daughters and 2 sons. My Daniel was not born until Jan 6, 1824 so that leaves only one son unaccounted for in a perfect match to where the book ends

I also checked out the 1830 census:

1830 census Queens Co., NY, N. Hempstead

Lawrence, Whitehead 10010001-00200001

Of interest to you is that there was a Thomas Fowler listed immediately before Whitehead whose age appeared to be that of a brother to Stephen Cornell Fowler and immediately after was a Stephen Fowler whose age could make him the Father of Stephen Cornell Fowler.



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