Irving Nolan MCGUIRE

16 Aug 1832 - 10 Jun 1910

Father: James MCGUIRE
Mother: Sarah WILLCOXEN

Family 1 : Sarah CONDIT, d. 21 Mar 1887, Santa Maria, CA

  1.  Oscar Alonzo MCGUIRE, m. Louise E. BRYAN
  2.  William C. MCGUIRE, m. Annie COCKE
  3.  Nellie O. MCGUIRE, m. F. H. FARMER
  4.  Sarah Annie MCGUIRE, m. J. C. MCCANN
  5.  Mortimer MCGUIRE, m. LuLu HUMBERT
  6.  Alice (Allie) MCGUIRE, m. George JENKINS

Family 2 : May HORSELY, d. 8 Oct 1890

                    _William MCGUIRE _|
                   |                  |__
 _James MCGUIRE ___|
|                  |                   __
|                  |_--- ABBOTT ______|
|                                     |__
|--Irving Nolan MCGUIRE 
|                                      __
|                   __________________|
|                  |                  |__
|_Sarah WILLCOXEN _|
                   |                   __




Information about this family branch comes from Mary Costello, a descendant. From her email message (1 Aug 2004):

... Irving was born August 16th 1838 in Jackson County, Missouri. His father with his family moved to Buchanan County in 1838. There he received his education. He then moved with his family in 1849 to Calif. coming across the plains and driving an ox team all the way. Then he settled in Vacaville, Solono County and started the town by building the first home. Mr. McGuire began raising sheep and cattle, also horses and continued until 1853, when he moved his stock to Sonoma buying 480 acres of land. He followed the stock business for twenty years. In 1873, he came to San Luis Obispo County up in Hausana and was engaged in sheep raising. He lost heavily in the dry season of 1877 and closed out his business. In 1880, he moved into the town of San Luis Obispo, and engaged in mercantile life and in 1883 came to Santa Maria. He was in the drug business until 1877. Then he bought out the Santa Maria Times. Mr. McGuire was first married in Sacramento in 1854 to Miss Sarah Condit who died in 1887 in Santa Maria on March 21st. Leaving six children who were: Oscar Alonzo McGuire married to Louise E. Bryan. William C. McGuire married Annie Cocke. Nellie O. McGuire married to F.H.Farmer. Sarah Annie McGuire married J. C. McCann. Mortimer McGuire married LuLu Humbert. Alice or Allie McGuire married George Jenkins, Alice would be my great grandma. Mr. McGuire was a member of Heskperian Lodge 264 F & A.M. of Gudadalupe and Santa Maria. He was a judge in Santa Maria for many years. He married again to Miss May Horseley in 1888. She passed on October 8 1890. He then lived with his daughter Mrs. Alice Jenkins and family until he passed away June 10 1910. Four other children who all passed away of diptheria in Oceo Flasco when they lived there. Oceo Flasco is near Guadalupe.



Additional documents in the family archives from Mary Costello:

Sheet # I.



George and Mary Boone arrived in America from England in 1717.

They had three sons -- Squire, Enoch and Daniel. They had one daughter named Sarah.

Sarah married John Wilcox. They had one daughter named Sarah and lived in North Carolina.

James McGuire of Missouri married Sarah Wilcox. They became parents of the following;

Altimus McGuire --- settled in Texas-no record of children.

Elisa McGuire Pilloner [?Pillner]---settled in Idaho--no record of children.

Elizabeth McGuire Trosper--- settled in Cazadero, Calif. (children -sheet #2).

[Eliza Elisa] Ellen McGuire Menefee---settled in Norwalk,Ca. (children -sheet #2).

Irving N. McGuire-- Santa Maria - (children sheet #2) & # 3.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Therefore: -- Sarah Boone Wilcox is a sister of Daniel Boone.

She is the GREAT-GREAT-GREAT GRANDMOTHER of all he children of Irving N. McGuire.

This makes Daniel Boone the Great-great-great Grandfather of that generation.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This data compiled from records of the Filsom Club of Louisville, Kentucky, the Los Angeles Public Library, news clippings and records kept at the Daniel Boone home at Defience, Missouri. A very good biography of Irving McGuire is kept in a book in the Biographical Dept. of the Los Angeles Public Library 5th and Hope sts.

Compiled July 1963.



Unfortunately, this line of research is not supported by contemporary scholarship. Sarah shows up in Daniel Boone's family over several generations and it was not that uncommon of name in the 19th century either. Families attempting to show a link to someone as famous as the great pioneer Daniel Boone, has been a common American sport since the inception of our country, and I have come across possible Sarah Boone links at least a couple of other times for different instances of my family. From the administrator of the Daniel Boone, The Extraordinary Life of a Common Man website (email 7July2007):


Daniel Boone's sister, Sarah Boone (1724-1815), married John WILLCOCKSON (1720-1782) in 1742 in Exeter, PA. They had a daughter named Sarah but she did not marry a McGuire. She married Thomas HAGAN. They both died in Kentucky.

I do not know of any James McGuire who married into the Boone family. I do however know of a James McGuire whose daughter, Christiana "Peggy" McGuire (1753-1807) married Capt. Charles GATLIFF (1748-1838) who was a scout with Daniel Boone.




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