James Edgar FOWLER

28 Dec 1828 -

Father: Stephen Cornel FOWLER
Mother: Rebecca LAWRENCE

Family 1 : Charlotte E. PALMER

  1.  Lottie Bertha FOWLER

                         |                     |__
 _Stephen Cornel FOWLER _|
|                        |                      __
|                        |_____________________|
|                                              |__
|--James Edgar FOWLER 
|                                               __
|                         _Whitehead LAWRENCE _|
|                        |                     |__
|_Rebecca LAWRENCE ______|
                         |                      __


From History of Sonoma County (1880)

Listed in the 1860 Census for Sonoma County, Bodega Township, Smith's Ranch Post office, as J E Fowler, age 32, bp. New York, farmer, with $8000 in real estate and $2000 in personal property. Enumerated along with his wife, Charlotte in dwelling #289. Also enumerated at this same dwelling, is Sarah B Palmer, a. 61, bp. New Jersey, and assumed to be the mother of Charlotte. Also listed is Elias Palmer, a 30 year old carpenter (bp. New Jersey), Benj Palmer, an 18 year old farm laborer (bp. New York), Chas Shuman, a 19 year old farm laborer (bp. Indiana), G Fowler, a 22 year old farm laborer (bp. New York), and ALI, a 50 year old Chinese servant from China. It is not known how or if G Fowler is related. J W Palmer, a 31 year old "piano forte maker" born in New Jersey, along with a wife, Julia A, a 6 year old son, Theodore, who was born in New York, and perhaps a 20 year old brother, John W Palmer, also born in New York, is listed living in dweling #288. James Fowler's parents are listed living in dwelling #286, his brother, Stephen, in dwelling #287 and his brother, John, in dwelling #291.

James Edgar Fowler's biography is available in An Illustrated History of Sonoma County, California (1889) and also in the History of Sonoma County (1880). .

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