18 Feb 1691 - 20 Nov 1743

Father: George BOONE
Mother: Mary Milton MOGRIDGE

Family 1 : Jacob STOVER

  1.  Jacob STOVER
  2.  Barbara STOVER
  3.  Abraham STOVER
  4.  Daniel STOVER


                        |  |__
 _George BOONE _________|
|                       |   __
|                       |__|
|                          |__
|--Sarah BOONE 
|                           __
|                        __|
|                       |  |__
|_Mary Milton MOGRIDGE _|
                        |   __


A Sarah Boone is often listed as the wife of Jacob Stover as well as the mother of Barbara Stauffer, the wife of Martin Kauffman (Sr.) in many genealogies. It appears to be incorrect.

From a copied letter I found in the local history room of the Luray Library in Luray, Virginia in 2004, between Archibald F. Bennett, General Secretary for the Salt Lake City LDS Library and Mrs. J. H. Buchanan, Boone Family Association of Washington, dated 1 December 1956:

I presume you are familiar with what was printed in The Boone Family, pp. 23-24, but to save your time I shall copy it here:

"Sarah Boone, b 18 Feb. 1691 or '92, or 29 Feb. 17 92 (N.S.), d, prob, before 1744; md. 15 Mar. 1715, Jacob Stover, also spelled Stober and Stowber. Her marriage is recorded in Christ Church, Philadelphia. She was one of the three oldest children of George III, who came to America in advance of the parents; was married and settled in Oley township, Philadelphia Co. (now Berks), before their arrival. While she was the first of the family to settle in that locality, she evidently is not affilated with the Friends Meeting there, as no data concerning her appears in the Quaker reconds. She was no doubt absorbed by the German element into which she married. It is is also possible that she died quite young, as it is recorded that her father, when he died in 1744, left eight children. As all others are known to have survived their father, Sarah must have been the first one to die. Her descendants, if any, are unknown. We find that one Jacob Stauber was granted land one Oley Creek, Philadelphia Co. (now Berks Co.), in 1714. It is thought that Jacob removed to Virginia, probably after his wife's death, for we find in Virginia record of one Jacob Stover's sale of land in Augusta Co. (now Rockingham Co.), to George Boone of Oley; one tract of 500 acres and another of 1,000 acres described as near the end of North Mountain, on a small branch of the Shenandoah, part of 5,000 acres laid out for Stover by the Council of Virginia, July, 1730. In 1738, a wife Margaret (Stover) signed a deed for land sold by Jacob to another person. Margaret was probably a second wife."

It is quite evident from the above that the author had not traced the family of Jacob Stover and Sarah Boone. There is no proof that she died before Jacob left Pennsylvania, but she was evidently dead by 1738, when Jacob's wife Margaret signed a deed with him. It is necessary to indentify the Jacob Stover of Augusta Co., Va., with the husband of Sarah Boone.

In the volume Eisenhower, Man and Soldier, it has this to say of the Stover family:

"Our journey leads us to Augusta County, Virginia, where General Eisenhower's mother, Ida Elizabeth Stover Eisenhower, was born on May 1, 1862, in the little hamlet of Mount Sidney, near Staunton.

"The Stover's too, have been in America more than two hundred years -- General Eisenhower's forebears settled here in Augusta County sometime between the years 1727 to 1732.... Here the Stovers lived through the generations.... Here she lived with her father, Simon P. Stover, her mother, Elizabeth J., and her brothers and sisters--- there were nine in the family, her parents and seven children...

"Delving into the old birth records (of Augusta Co., in Staunton) we find this entry: 'May 1st 1862-White, Female, Parents, - Simon P. Stover - Elizabeth J. Stover'

"Among these records we dig up the will of Simon P. Stover, General Eizenhower's grandfather, proved on January 26, 1874, leaving his estate in the hands of his son, Charlie, to care for the family from the procceeds of the farm.

Continuing our search, we come upon the 'settlement of Daniel Stover,' General Eisenhower's great-grandfather, dated January 18, 1862, which gives the heirs of his son, Simon, as follows: 'John F., Jacob W., Charles W., Joseph W., Simon C., Elizabeth.'

"And here is another will, dated August 13, 1811. It is the last testament of an earlier Daniel Stover, General Eisenhower's great-great-grandfather. He left his property to his sons, Jacob, David, Daniel, Simon, Samuel (all Biblical names) and a daughter, Elizabeth. To Daniel he left 'my German Bible'.

"The earliest of these Stover records is that of Jacob, who evidently arrived in the 1730's and later obtained a grant of '5,000 acreas in East Rockingham.' This was the great-great-great-grandfather of General Eisenhower....

"Jacob Stover married Sarah Boone in Philadelphia, March 15, 1715. She was sister of Squire, father of Col. Daniel Boone, of Kentucky and Missouri. Jacob Stover sold to his brother, George Boone, 1,500 acreas of his 5,000 acre 1733 (Orange Co. Deed Book 1:189). George Boone married Deborah Howell.... George Boone and Deborah had a son, William Boone, who married Sarah Lincoln. Her brother, John Lincoln, married Rebecca Moore, settled on Linville Creek, and was the great grandfather of President Abraham Lincoln." (A History of Shenandoah County, by John W. Wakeland, p. 648.)



Details of a relationship between the famous Daniel Boone through an aunt or a sister named Sarah in various genealogies is not that uncommon. However, such a connection, including the previous document is suspect and highly speculative.

From The Family Tree of Michael J. Thissen:

It is said that the Stover/Eisenhower confusion resulted when librarian at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City was asked to verify rumors circulated during the election campaign and looked for Stover wills only in VA, and overlooked the PA wills which show the proper Stover/Stauffer line.


Further material about Daniel Boone and his family can be found on the Daniel Boone, The Extraordinary Life of a Common Man website.


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