Stephen Lawrence FOWLER

31 Jan 1825 - 4 Mar 1863

Father: Stephen Cornel FOWLER
Mother: Rebecca LAWRENCE

Family 1 : Ellesif Arrabella COCKRILL

  1. +Edgar James FOWLER
  2.  William Warren FOWLER

Family 2 : Phebe Elizabeth AMES

                         |                     |__
 _Stephen Cornel FOWLER _|
|                        |                      __
|                        |_____________________|
|                                              |__
|--Stephen Lawrence FOWLER 
|                                               __
|                         _Whitehead LAWRENCE _|
|                        |                     |__
|_Rebecca LAWRENCE ______|
                         |                      __


Enlarged from Wedding Picture

Listed in the 1860 Census for Sonoma County, Bodega Township, Smith's Ranch Post office, as S L Fowler, age 35, bp. New York, farmer, with $8000 in real estate and $2500 in personal property. Enumerated along with his wife, Ellisie, 4 year old son, Edgar J, and 2 year old son, Wm W, living in dwelling #287. His parents are listed in the same census as living in dwelling #286, his brother, James, in dwelling #289 and his brother, John, in dwelling #291.

From Jeanne Miller's Sonoma County in the 19th Century, p. 44:

At Bodega Bay two brothers, Stephen and James Fowler, landed in 1851 and hired out as carpenters to complete construction of an adobe house for Stephen Smith, holder of the Rancho Bodega land grant. When that work was finished, the brothers took up farming along the Estero Americano on the southern border of the county. They sent East for their parents and brothers who settled nearby, forming the community of Valley Ford.



From Robert A. Thompson's Historical and Descriptive Sketch of Sonoma County, California, (L. H. Everts Co.: Philadelphia, 1877).), p. 74:

On the 18th of September [1854] the board of supervisors met in Sonoma, canvassed the returns, and passed an order declaring that Santa Rosa was the county seat of Sonoma county, --a majority of votes having been cast in favor of the change. Supervisor S. L. Fowler moved that the archives be removed to the new county seat on Friday, September 22, 1854, which passed unanimously. On the day appointed



S. L Fowler had an important role in the early history of the Valley Ford area. He also had an important role in the founding of Santa Rosa.

His biography is also available in An Illustrated History of Sonoma County, California.

From the Index and Abstract of Wills - Sonoma County, California 1850-1900 (Sonoma Genealogical Society, May 1985), p. 58:

Fowler, Stephen L. Age 42 #375 Written: 21 May 1867; Filed: 7 Apr. 1868. Wife: Phebe E. Parents: Stephen C., Rebecca Sons: Edgar James, William Warren Executors: Phebe E. Fowler, Jas. E. Fowler, John H. Fowler Witnesses: C. P. Soper, Wm. Withrow both of Valley Ford.



Photo by Larry Wendt, 29 Jul 2004   Photo by Larry Wendt, 29 Jul 2004


 Photo by Larry Wendt, 29 Jul 2004


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